Friday, May 7, 2010

Pups are old enough for their FOREVER FAMILIES!

JACKLYN goes to her new loving family with Cardigan corgi, Meg
Jackly and big sister Meg love each other

Jacklyn with her new corgi sister, Meg

Our granddaughter with Pups!

Anwen the pup we are keeping with Giada

Four of my babies!

Left to right: Max, Dewi, Anwen and Tegan with Katie
to inquire about a puppy in the future please email us at
Congratulations to Pup's Dad Jack on another title in RALLY!
Left to right: Tegan, Max, Anwen and Dewi
Beautiful TEGAN
Handsome MAX
Beautiful Anwen
Left to right Dewi, Jacklyn, Max, Anwen and Tegan with Mom, Elowyn
Left to right Anwen, Dewi, Tegan and Max to contact us about a puppy email: applications online at

Please read the book "Puppy Kisses are Good for the Soul and Other Important Lessons You and Your Dog Can Teach Each Other" by Howard Weinstein Anwen and granddaughter Giada hold hands!


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